Batman Gotham City Game - Play Free

Batman Gotham City game, a cool Batman game online that keeps you on your seats. This is an arcade game that makes you jump, run, and walk all over the game screen. Batman Gotham City game would definitely complete your Batman game experience. The superhero is running all around Gotham City and you've got to assist him every mile of the way.

What you have before you is a never ending obstacle course with Batman on the fore. You need to control him so he accurately goes through all the obstacles present in the Batman Gotham City game. He is able to do a lot of things in Batman Gotham City game. Play him so that he will be victorious. He may execute a single or double jump by pressing Up once for the single jump and two times for a Double Jump.

If you want him to glide, just press and hold the Up Key. To slide down, hit Down. In Batman Gotham City game he slides through a platform too, push Down twice and see. Batman game online where the superhero also performs a swing and a grind. To activate these actions, press and hold your Space Bar. Pressing Space once would make Batman Grind.

During the battles of Batman Gotham City game online, you can punch the enemy by playing with Right. He can also slide while in battle using Down. A flying kick action is activated with Right while in the air. Perform a drop kick with Down while suspended on air. If you would like to release a Batarang during the fight, play with Left.

In this Batman game online, you call upon other superhero friends. To call up Green Arrow, play with number 1. For Aquaman, use 2. Blue Beetle is summoned if you hit on 3. Play the amazing Batman Gotham City game !

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